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200th Anniversary - The 2nd Battle of La Puerta
The 2nd Battle of La Puerta was fought on June 15, 1814 on the road between San Juan de los Morros and Villa de Cura in Venezuela.  Simon Bolivar's battle hardened Patriot army faced the bloodthirsty Royalist Jose Tomas Boves and his famous llanero cavalry.  After initial success against the Royalist infantry Bolivar became impatient and ordered a premature pursuit.  Boves swept around the Patriot flank with his native lancers and routed the Patriot army.  You can build the armies for this battle and many others in the early and mid-war Northern campaigns using Venezuelans, Mixed Cavalry and Peasants for the Patriots and Royalists, Mixed Cavalry and Llanero cavalry for the Royalists!


Liberators! Books and Miniatures allow you to recreate the Wars of South American Independence on your game table
Liberators! Books give you all the information you need to learn about and game this fascinating period.  The books include the history of the conflict; organization, tactics and uniforms of the armies and scenarios to play including map and order of battle information. Liberators! Miniatures are a museum quality range of "heroic" scale 15mm figures that allow you to build the armies listed in the scenarios...or to create scenarios of your own! 

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